AdSense Approval Tips 2019 | How to Apply Adsense For Website

Adsense Approval Tips 2019:- If you are searching Adsense Approval Tips 2019 then you have come to the right place. In this whole article I am giving Adsense approval tips like Adsense account meaningAdsense approval requirements, and Adsense minimum traffic for Adsense approval and Along with this, I will tell you how to apply for Adsense for Adsense account ... so read the article.

Adsense Approval Tips 2019 – Hi Guys if You Don’t Know about Latest Adsense Approval Tips 2019 and You are searching for Best and easy way to google Adsense Approval Tips 2019 to learn how to get easy and fastest way to Approve your Google Adsense account.

Today here I’m Going to share some Simple Adsense Approval Tips 2019 for you guys. So that by this simple Adsense Approval Tips 2019 For beginners 2019  Article You can properly learn about Google Adsense Approval you can read the full article in this post.

Adsense Approval Tips 2019 | How to Apply Adsense For Website
AdSense Approval Tips 2019 | How to Apply Adsense For Website

Adsense Approval Tips 2019

1.   1. Write quality content:- 

      Before applying on Google Adsense, it is important to have all the article unique and quality content was written by you to be at least 25-30 unique article in the website that you want to get approval for Adsense. Should not have any of these articles copyright in this article grammar and spellings should not be wrong and all the article high-quality content should be. The application of Google Adsense is always checked by a human, so if your post is content user For useless so it would make no sense.

2. Always use responsible themes and design:- 

Most people use internet on mobile today, so if the design of your blog is not responsive then it will not display properly on a mobile device, so apply a clean and simple responsible template to your blog before applying it to Google Adsense. Thereby increasing the chance of Adsense being approved.

3. Remove unused widgets:- 

By using more widgets or plugins on the blog, the speed of the website decreases and the speed of that website is considered to be very important for obtaining the approval of Google Adsense.

4. Website traffic:- 

Try to get appropriate traffic by making blog content SEO friendly. google Adsense incorrectly rejects Illegal traffic. Always write good content that gives you a visitor from organic and social networks.

5. Remove others ad networks ads:- 

If you are applying for Adsense approval, then you should pay special attention to the fact that if there are any other network advertisements in your website, then it should be removed from your website because it is very difficult for Adsense approval.

6. Add your blog with search console:-  

Before you can apply Adsense, you should add blogs in search console and submit sitemap is also very important.

7. Create Important pages:- 

Some pages are very important for the blog, such as 'contact us', 'privacy policy page' and 'disclaimer pages' are very important if you do not have this page in your blog, you will not get the approval of Adsense.

8. Check your blog language is supported by Google Adsense:-  

Before applying Adsense, check that the language in which you have written your blog supports Google Adsense or if it does not support Google Adsense, you will not get Adsense approval.

9. Do not write illegal content:-  

There should never be any illegal content in your blog because Google never encourages illegal content if your blog is illegal content, you will never get access to Adsense.

Adsense approval requirements for Adsense Approval Tips 2019

1. You must be 18+ 
2. Must be a blog or youtube channel  
3. Your blog should contain useful content

  So, guys, this is my own Adsense Approval Tips 2019, I hope You find out Article helpful for you, please do share and comment your thought about this all Adsense Approval Tips. Thank You 

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